Production Of Prototypes


We offer a cost-effective way to edit and approve designs, by providing working prototypes, to present them to your customers and test their idea, or to present the product to your potential investors and prepare for production, before investing in expensive tools. We have engineers that take pride in producing successful prototypes for each industry.

Make it easier for your investors to understand your vision, by showing them something real and tangible.

We offer production of models and prototypes with a high level of finishing, in a variety of production technologies and at competitive prices. 

Our builders are experienced and skilled in the field of prototype development of high-quality models, while adhering to schedules, such as: design and ergonomic examination, product design tests, assembly and product functionality, market survey, exhibitions, presentations and more. Models can be produced from a single prototype level to a series of dozens of duplicates, including coloring, final finishing and integration.

Producing a model of a product makes it possible to turn the engineering design from a preliminary idea into a real viable product. Prototype development makes it possible to examine the product before mass production, to arrive at a more accurate design in terms of design and ergonomics, in terms of assembly and product functionality, thus greatly saving costs and time developing and manufacturing models.